Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hell yes, shoot his punk ass!!!

What do you do if you're home alone with your 3 month old and you hear someone trying to break in?

This 18 year old mother did exactly what I would have. She lost her husband to cancer on Christmas day. Less than 2 weeks later, two men tried to break into her home - one armed with a hunting knife.

The young mother called 911, asked for permission to shoot the intruders if she has to. The 911 operator told her she couldn't shoot them until they get inside. So the brave mom gave her 3 month old baby a bottle, walked over in front of the door, and held up the gun ready to fire if she had to.

Bad guy breaks in, she shoots him, he dies. And the other punk ass turns himself in to the police. Wish she could have shot him, too.

Hearing the 911 call gave me the chills. At 18 years old she has been through more than anyone should have to in their entire lives. She did what she had to to protect her baby.

I hope all the 'bad guys' of the world see this story. You break in, I will shoot your ass, and you probably will die. Don't be a punk - get a job and pay your bills like the rest of us.

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